Thursday, September 30, 2010


One of my all time favorite lessons to teach to kids is "possibilities" It is usually a Spring lesson using seeds or a fall lesson using three foot tall brussel sprout plants loaded with brussel sprouts. Ah, what one seed planted can bring forth.

Last year I wanted to have many Marigold plants in my new vegetable garden so I planted hundreds of seeds in cardboard flats; all kinds-- yellow, orange, variegated, tall, small, tiny.
The year before I had had problems growing Marigolds is three different places. Last year was a repeat. I think maybe 3 or 4 plants germinated. So I put those few plants in my garden and last fall I had a few large plants with an abundance of bright orange blossoms.

This Spring I planted summer annuals in large pots along the back of the house and included 3 large pots of Marigolds. Two of them did nothing but one came in thickly with few blossoms. I planted none in the vegetable garden this year but early summer, when Adam and I were weeding, we came across a few plants that came up on their own from the previous years seed. We made sure they had a little space and voila!

I am looking forward to dyeing with some of them. Possibly, a nice pair of orange socks.

Plant a seed and watch what grows. Think of all the seeds we have all planted (in the ground or in some one's mind). Sometimes we receive immediate gratification. Sometimes it takes a few years or more to see what develops. Sometimes, knockout ORANGE and other times a glint of green. Think of all the POSSIBILITIES and keep on planting.

Speaking of possibilities, the lady with the ram is back from vacation and I am going to bring a ram here to live. Stay tuned. I could possibly have 19 sheep and a llama come next Spring.

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  1. I love the idea of planting seeds and waiting for possibilities. I'm afraid I'm more of the thoughts possibilities. I like to think some of the seeds I plant in my patients come to bloom. Maybe not today, but someday when the time is right. You plant seeds in my mind every time I read your blogs. Good luck with mr. ram. Will you have to change the name of your blog when you have more sheep? Do rams get sheered too?