Sunday, July 11, 2010


I read the other day that thousands of people are seeking therapy due to the Oil disaster in the Gulf. For varying reasons I am sure, but many are probably connected to the animals and feel their distress. Many people rely on natural beauty to fill their energy reservoirs. Of course most people are not Super sensitive to stressors in nature and many who are have personal ways of dealing with their stress or sadness.

I am one of the Supersensitive ones who has found strategies that help somewhat. I try to maintain a quiet peace around me and limit the information that comes in.

Even the lack of rain here for the past few weeks has been difficult for me. I try to focus on the small patches of green instead of the vast dried out vegetation. I try to stay aware of any small thing I can do to help (an plant or animal). I pray for all living things and of course I find ways to help the critters who live here --though Beau and the girls didn't find spraying the hose necessary.

I had heard that fleece and hair were being used in the oil cleanup and thought I could send some locks from the flock --kind of like the "locks of love" but when I found where to send fleece there was a memo that said supplies had come from every city in America and many foreign countries and the warehouses were full. I will keep an eye out to see if demand increases again.

It rained again here on Friday and things feel much better though we need much MORE rain. Beau and the sheep have been over to the cabin lawn (where shade has maintained some green grass) twice in the last few days.

The forecast is for scattered showers most of this week so things look promising.

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