Friday, July 30, 2010

Peach Rhubarb Pie and Sophie

Yesterday, I found out that a young woman I knew in Massachusetts was killed when she was hit walking home from a night out with her sisters. Her name-- Sophie age 35. I just haven't been able to get this tragedy out of my mind so I will do what helps me most---write.

Sophie was best friends with a very good friend of mine and niece of my mentor-- I knew Sophie because I knew them. Sophie was one of those people you could have a very important conversation with when you were just talking to her for a few minutes somewhere. Sophie had BIG dreams and she worked hard to make them a reality.

Sophie was a "woman of the earth". She studied permaculture and was a proficient organic gardener. She helped so many people with her talents. I was a little intimidated by Sophie sometimes because she made things happen and thought everyone should be able to, in my mind. I am not saying she was intimidating -- that was my issue.
Sophie would get SO excited about things and really believed in herself. Things didn't always work out, though. Once she saved up some money and moved out to the northwest with her two young children to start a new life with more opportunities. It didn't work out and she was back to MA and family and friend within a short time -- but she tried. She was young.

One conversation, that stands out in my mind, was about a dream she had of moving to ? (was it Tennessee) and taking more classes in permaculture and getting some land. I hadn't thought about it, but I am living Sophie's dream. If she was still living on this earth, I know it wouldn't take her as long as it took me.

When people die "prematurely" I think it is important that others in their lives carry their ideals forward. In honor of Sophie I will carry on, remembering her enthusiasm for growing things and sustaining the earth. And I will try to do so with a greater vigor.

I made two peach rhubarb pies today from peaches and rhubarb I planted since we came here two years ago. The peach tree and rhubarb was fertilized by the sheep and Beau, eggs from the chickens went into the pie, and the peach peels will go back to the animals. Not bad huh Sophie. I will think about you as we enjoy them with friends.


  1. That is too bad that her life was cut short. I am sorry it has made you so sad!

    Peach rhubarb sounds like an interesting combination!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about Sophie, Susan. I'm sure she'd appreciate this blog entry.

    I'm glad you're posting more pictures.