Saturday, July 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I am back from my trip. Nate and desi are married..... Rosemary's mom is still of this world but it was time to come home and let the family carry on. Even though it is HOT it is good to be back.

When a mom leave a 3 year old with family members in order to take a trip she never knows how her child is going to respond when she returns--- sheep and llamas are no different. So here is what happened. I returned late last night but the moon was almost full so I stopped in to say "hi, I'm back". Beau made his clicking noise, put his head up, and stomped his foot so I said, "good night, I will see you in the morning".

This morning, Charlotte came to greet me but the others held back. The chickens demanded some grain and when I returned with it everyone came to the gate to say HI. All it takes is a little food and it appears they will take me back.

Things looked good in the barn and the barnyard except I realized I forgot to remind John about giving the animals their minerals. I will make a mental note for the next time.

The biggest change------there were 5 eggs in the nesting boxes. 3 in one and 2 in another. The chickens have grown up!

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