Thursday, July 15, 2010


As I walked around last night taking pictures of all the things that have been accomplished here on the farm my heart filled with gratitude.

I am grateful for all of Adam's patience and hard work tackling water issues at the barn and all around and weed issues in the gardens. I am thankful he is strong and tall.

I am grateful for Evan's talent and willingness to construct nesting boxes for the chickens and for Dwight's artistic latch for the coop.

I am grateful for Charlie teaching me in the ways of farming.

I am grateful all the animals get along like one big happy family. (still trying to get a family shot)

I am especially grateful for all the support from family and friends throughout my transition and I am especially, especially grateful for John's time for consultations and building me everything I couldn't build myself at a time when he is involved in his own new endeavors. Check it all out in my slideshow dedicated to Karen who has been patiently waiting for me do a slideshow.
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