Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Living in the NOW enhanced by yesterday and tomorrow

I try to live in the present but reflect on the past and future. I think of it like learning music or anything else--most of the time I am practicing what I am currently working on though sometimes I am challenged to learn knew stuff that someday will be old stuff. And always, with music, it in nice to play old favorites you know well.

This week I have been thinking about our farm in a similar way. We have been here two years now. I am working hard every day (with Adam's help many days) trying to connect the dots to get this special place more balanced and inter meshed.

When we first came I used to spend hours gazing at the (at that time future) pasture actually visualizing the sheep grazing. The sheep and Beau have been here a year now and when I watch them grazing in the pasture it looks just the same. It is like they have always been here. Some times now I walk around thinking about what additional areas they may be grazing in a year from now (when there will be new lambs) but I try to stay focused on improving the current pasture most of the time.

Some day we will have an orchard where our two peach trees stand and the sheep and Beau will get to eat the drops. Two years ago this area was just-- more lawn to mow. But for now I talk to the two trees and compliment them on their fine growth. We weed under them and mulch with fine barn bedding and this is our reward.


  1. Wow, fruit after only 2 years. That's lucky. What did you say to them to make them produce so fast?

  2. I love your blogs,Sue. Your thoughts. I can't believe it has been two years. I am working on the direction of my blog. Three days off after today. Have to work on that.