Friday, June 18, 2010

I Love My New Schedule

We were drumming on the front porch again yesterday and one of the bluebirds hung out on the end post to enjoy. Last week the male and the female stood there beak to beak for a long time listening. Yesterday it was just one of them. They never stay so long on that post except when we are drumming. Lamine says sometimes when he is playing at another friends home all the cows come to the fence. Next week we will have to go down near the barn to see how Beau and the girls like drumming.

It has been warm most of the past week and all the critters hang out most of the day in the barn or in the trees behind the barn. Yesterday, it was drier and there was a breeze which made a big difference. This morning was cooler and the sheep were loving it. They run and play games on cool mornings. This morning they were playing -- chase Amelia.

Many times, when it is cool and they are out grazing they all come running to greet me hoping for treats. This morning I allowed them treats giving them their worming herbs mixed in. Same chaos with the feed bowls and this morning the chickens were diving in as well. Usually Hildegard gets her first pick of the bowls and maybe someone else will share with her at first but then leave. This morning when this happened, the chickens all moved in to share with Hildegard (what a sight--it made me laugh) but as usual the camera was elsewhere. Maybe I should leave a small camera down at the barn.

Today is Adam's birthday so he is sleeping in to celebrate. With my number 1 farm hand absent it wasn't as easy to get motivated this morning but I did do a couple of small projects on my own. Now I will turn my attentions to washing fleece and spinning.


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