Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer time and the living is BUSY

I feel like I have been away but I haven't been. Just busy I guess. It has been a GREAT week.

Went to a large gathering of women, involved with fiber in some way or other, on Monday night. Some of us were spinning and I, once again, picked up some great tips from fellow spinners.
Tuesday night my youngest sister, Jane and her oldest daughter, Carley, arrived for a brief two nights no days visit. Carley is looking at colleges and we hope she picks UVA. Wednesday night more than a dozen lady friends helped welcome in summer here with frozen margaritas, and lots of laughs. And Thursday was drumming and later the Thursday night races at Valley Slot Car track.

On Wednesday night all the ladies wanted to go down to visit Beau, the sheep, and the chickens. They also got to see our resident large black snake as it made its way through the chicken coop. (chickens were in the barn at the time) I am not sure what I am going to do about the snake yet. Beau doesn't seem to see it as a threat. Black snakes keep down the population of mice and copper head snakes on the farm so they are, in important ways, an asset but I don't want them in the coop when there are chickens present. My drumming friend says in Africa they have some herbal concoction they put around areas to keep the snakes out. Must try to get more info. If anyone out there knows what to use let me know.

Two good friends arriving Sunday for a few day visit so maybe it will be a good time to trim hooves or charm snakes.


  1. I hear guinea hens keep snakes away or at least warn you that they're in the area. A friend of mine had another black snake trying to eat a second duck of hers. The duck was way too big and when her husband found it the snake had the duck's bill up to the eyes in its mouth. I agree you want black snakes around but not in your coop.
    Thanks for throwing the margarita party Wednesday. It was a great time with great people.

  2. I never minded the blacksnakes around here before. But this year they're totally taking over. I saw three hanging out at the barn today, and I wondered if I'll have to take action. Since I'm a procrastinator and not scared of snakes, I probably won't ever do anything about them. I hear Snake Away works better on blacksnakes than it does on copperheads. Let us know!