Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Photographing the flock

The previous picture of four of the sheep waiting for me is really unusual. I can get distant pictures but you can't see the personalities. When they get close they get too close and don't listen when I ask them to move back except Hildegard sometimes. Beau always poses with his "I am guarding pose" which I am sure I have probably posted. He also wants all the pictures to be about him. Mira likes to lick the camera lens for some reason.

I saw a blog that a friend told me about where two rams are photographed up close and they look like they are in deep contemplation. I bet that woman has a good camera with a powerful telephoto lense (is that what they are called Gail?) Or maybe they aren't hungry and it is a warm summer day. Oh well, I will keep trying. I think my sister Gail took some good ones last fall but I don't think she gave them to me. Jen took some good ones too. Wonder what happened to those.

On the sheep forum people put pictures of their new lambs and about 12 people comment and say "Oh, how cute! Congratulations." The only other pictures you see are when people are trying to identify some sheep that they got cheap or rescued and the people they got them from don't know what kind they are.

I wonder if I will keep taking pictures or if it will be like pictures of kids -- the longer you have them the fewer pictures you take. And if I don't get a better handle of how to enter them into the blog body without getting so frustrated you may not see too many here. I'll have to remember to ask Karen-- she is very good with pictures in blogs. (Remember that tomorrow too Karen).

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  1. Yes, Susan a telephoto lens would help. I will send you my photos of your sheep but most of them are pretty close up. I loved the picture of all of them staring at you waiting for hay.