Monday, March 8, 2010

Visitors Welcome

It is always fun to offer visitors the opportunity to help with sheep chores. John's sister Jen came for a few days and was fortunate enough to be here at a time when the sheep needed their hooves trimmed. We did two of the sheep and Jen really did just fine.

The first thing I tell everyone after we flip the sheep is "get comfortable and relax". At that point most bend over stiffen up and hold their breath. Not sure why this happens but it does. Eventually, who ever helps, realizes that it is going to take longer than they thought and they begin to breath again. Next comes the statement about how calm the sheep are which is interesting since they are the ones that are getting something done TO them.

One of the reasons I like having family and friends help is that I then realize how comfortable the sheep and I have become with each other in the 9 months we have shared the "farm" (almost Karen). I guess part of it is the closeness due to 3 months of snow cover and the dependence on John or me for food. Anyway, I really enjoy their company.

The sheep were going to get their hooves trimmed last week but first the weather was cold, windy and not inviting and then Karen's goat, Poppy, had her kids. This week more kids are expected but that is O.K. because that will give Lyndy, Megan, and Megan's friend an opportunity to cradle sheep this weekend or trim hooves if they wish.


  1. Spring is such a busy time, but so rewarding!

  2. It's only fair that all your family gets a turn. I'm sure no one wants to be left out.