Sunday, March 14, 2010

Long Distance Visitors

I told Meghann and Robin that their 2 hour visit was not a record and in fact at least 3 other sets of visitors were here 3 hours or less. These aren't people from instate or Mid Atlantic -these are mostly visitors from New England 12+ hours away.

I hate Interstate 81 but I love Interstate 81. It is terrible to drive on (in my opinion) but it takes people to Florida, North Carolina, and in this case Mississippi which makes our home on the way to many places our family and friends like to go. We wish people could stay longer, and in some cases they do, but we are honored that people in-route to other places take the time to go 12 miles out of their way to visit us for 2 hours.

I think Beau and the girls are often a highlight of the visit for many visitors with photo ops and barnyard smells. The interesting thing is that the sheep and especially Beau seem to really enjoy having visitors. Beau will often come right up to someone he does not know and get right in their face. Some visitors don't enjoy this part but others do. Why is it that the ONLY thing most people know about llamas is that they spit? (bad press) LLamas don't look for opportunities to go around spitting at people. They don't yell or swear. They won't punch you out for a comment they don't like. They just spit; and only when provoked.

Where Beau sometimes seems to be checking people out for potential threat, the sheep seem to just be curious. And maybe they all just like to hear "they are beautiful" or "I love the one.......".

With a 2 hour stay I don't usually suggest flipping sheep and trimming hooves so Meghann and Robin got off the hook. They got some great pictures, we had some laughs, we ate birthday cake (to celebrate Lyndy and John) and we caught up on who is doing what. And we got to meet Robin (hope I am spelling her name right). And then off they went to spend 12 more hours on the road. Thank You Meghann and Robin.

Now it is on to finishing the hooves (kidding is over for awhile) and shearing. The next long distance visitors will get to see 6 well groomed sheep and a mighty handsome llama.


  1. It is fun having visitors and it is nice you are on a highway that is on its way to somewhere. We are not really. Once, though, someone was going across highway 412 which is only 17 miles south, but it was too far out of the way for them to call. I guess your friends just love you more or maybe 5 more miles makes a difference or maybe I should get some sheep and a llama.

  2. Hi Sue!
    Glad Meghann and Robin stopped by, I know they were looking forward to staying with Lyndy and stopping by to see you. I love your farm, how wonderful that you are doing exactly what you want to do. I also find your blog very very interesting, the animals are beautiful. Hoping for some more days of sunshine:) Take care! Michele

  3. You know, I lived along (and I mean very close) Interstate 70 that cuts through the midwest for a very long time and I never got visitors passing though. Maybe if I had had a llama and sheep instead of greyhounds. I wonder how the city of Chicago and my landlord would feel about sheep. At least he wouldn't have to mow the grass.

  4. Tulsa is not really on the way to anywhere unless you are going from St. Louis to Texas. Highway 70 is too far north, Highway 40 too far south and 35 going north and south is way out of the way but we have a guest bedroom just in case anyone wants to visit.