Thursday, January 30, 2020

Grateful That People Care About Each Other

How is a blog classified?  Where does it fall?  Closer to a letter, group letter, email, post card, or train of thought?  I think of the blogs I write, as personal letters to whoever in the universe finds them.  Kind of like a letter in a bottle.

Jane is writing a personal letter a month starting with this new year.  I wonder when I will get mine.  I do still have two friends that write letters to me though they are sometimes closer to notes.  I love letters!  We used to send them before computers.  I remember when a friend of mine told me that her daughter hated when her letters turned to emails.  I think is was something about the smell not being there... or was it that she loved holding something that her mother held close to her?

Remember when we were in elementary school and we had pen pals that lived in far off places?  Do kids do this anymore?  Do strangers still write letters to inmates they have never met? I bet people in prison treasure personal letters but maybe now they get emails.  One special thing about letters was that you could fold them up small and put them in a box that would hold them safely until the recipient wanted to reread them.  Try to find an old email that someone wrote you several years ago.

And then there are books of letters, maybe love letters, sent from and received by unknown people.  They often read like poetry.

I am grateful for each personal letter I receive, love to get post cards, and look forward to emails.  So grateful I am that someone cares enough to write.  Jane, I hope this last paragraph doesn't move me to the bottom of the list.  

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