Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Snowy Gratitude

I have always loved snow!  

This morning it is snowing and I am filled with soft peace.  For me snow is a feeling of warm and cozy even though I have memories of snow at the cuff of my mittens or gloves and in my boots and a snow ball exploding and drifting down my neck and body.  This morning I am inside with a warm cup of tea.

It was fun to see snow at Bryce Canyon and Zion over Christmas Hollidays.  It is hard to think of anything quite so beautiful as snow.

  I am grateful for all the wonderful memories of snow; snow forts, snow horses, snow angels, snowball fights, sledding, skiing, glissading in the spring/summer, in Colorado.  I love walking in the snow but this morning I decided not to walk with my town friends because I would have had to drive on our narrow twisty/whindy roads to get there.

One of my favorite snow walks was with Wednesday and Lyndy on a VERY snowy night in Chatham.  The street lights made the snow glisten like diamonds.  We could see our shadows on the snow too.  We walked to the drawbridge and watched as the white snow merged with the black water.  On the way home we could not see our tracks. The snow had erased any sign that we had come from that way.  I am grateful for how snow brings newness.  Maybe that is why snow seems so peaceful; it covers the old and presents a new canvas.  I am always grateful for new beginnings.

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