Saturday, January 4, 2020


Every year for the last several years, I pick a word to keep close to me for the year; something I want to contemplate or understand better.  My sister Gail introduced me to this practice (thanks Gail).
This past week, after considering several words, I decided on "gratitude" to be my word for this year.  I think selecting this word evolved from a sickness last summer.

  I had a strange illness that felt like a poisoning.  I wanted to eat a little but everything tasted different than I was accustomed to, and I just did not know what my body needed.  After awhile, I went outside and browsed on plants growing on this property that I knew and that seemed appropriate.  I began to feel grounded in many ways and "connected" to what was important in this world then fairly rapidly, began to get well.  Strangely, after the whole ordeal, I felt gratitude for the sickness.

It is impossible or nearly impossible, I believe, to stay "connected" all the time.  Maybe monks get close.  The best I think we can do is live our 
lives as intentionally as we can.  When I manage to do this for a short time, I find I am filled with gratitude.  Gratitude for SOOOOOOO many things; people, animals, vegetables, minerals, senses, feelings  .............

The list goes on and I will explore the things I am grateful for every day and hopefully get some of my thoughts on paper.

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