Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Gratitude for Memories

This morning, I walked halfway down to the barnyard taking in a beautiful foggy misty morning with the sun trying to come through.  I contemplated going back for my camera but decided not to.  Some times one just has to take it all in and realize that by putting your intention into the whole experience; the hush, the mystery, the feeling, not just what you see through a camera, you sometimes experience    a greater experience.  I was thinking about this on our Christmas Adventure out west.  Lyndy took about 10 times more pictures than I did.  I tried to make a mental picture most of the time (especially at sunrise and 9 degrees at Bryce Canyon).  I am glad that I did take some pictures though, because I did not remember how blue the sky was when we went to Zion National Park. (see gratitude for the elements).

My sister Judy's word for this year is acceptance.  She was emailing that she was accepting that her memory wasn't as good as it used to be.  BUT, remember all those Fabulous memories of magical trips and special moments with loved ones.  For instance, I may not remember all of the wonderful trip we took at Christmas but I will remember the amazing feeling of discovering all that we did with John and Lyndy.  Who cares if you don't remember what that orange stuff is in your freezer.  What was the feeling you had a moment ago, or what did you hear or smell that was amazing?

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