Friday, January 18, 2013

The Next Generation's Humanitarians

THE snow storm came and left quickly, leaving probably only 3" which compressed to a couple since it was so wet.  Some of the roads were a little  ify first thing this morning, but the fiber gang made it.  Above is their first item they are going to sell for charity .  

Yes, today they announced they are going to sell some of their homespun and simple knit and woven  things, and teach classes in spinning and weaving.  And all the money is going to maybe Goodwill or the SPCA.  At lunch they were discussing prices and for the most part the prices are very reasonable.

J is the weaver in the group but we need to find a loom that works a little better for him.  

 C is a superb knitter who is knitting the first pair of fingerless gloves.  Next time we will work on some new stitches.

Looks like a few sheep ran through the living room.  A good day was had by all.

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