Tuesday, January 1, 2013


2013 begins quietly at Cabin Spring Farm.   I wanted to take pictures of everyone  wishing our friends a happy new year, but it is a grey day and the camera flash kept coming on and other camera noises were distressing to Cher, so I will just say from all of here, "HAPPY NEW YEAR".

First thing this morning I asked John what he was going to add into his life this year.  I don't like new years resolutions so I don't make them.  I do, however, like adding things into my life, for any reason, but maybe especially for the start of a new year.  So when John asked me what I was going to add in this year, I said, "limes".

 I keep trying to drink more water.  I decided if I added limes to the water, it would be extra special.

 For my birthday, John took me for an overnight, over to the shore, and we stayed in a nice hotel.  From our room, we had a beautiful view of the water and the ferry boats with Christmas lights, and the tugs escorting HUGE ghost like ships.  We went for a walk, rode the ferry over to get fish and chips, and came back and had chocolate moouse, cheese cake, coffee, and hot chocolate.

This morning when I went down to the lobby, there were two large glass containers of water- one with lots of fresh strawberries in it, the other, slices of oranges.  The aroma, was amazing as I took each sip.  I drank 4 glasses of water.  I am constantly reminded how much I love the way the universe works.

Maybe we fell over the cliff, and the Greeks now have soccer teams sponsored by brothels and funeral parlors, but the UNIVERSE is still working quite well.

I remember reading somewhere how healthy lemons are in animal drinking troughs.  I will put lemons in water buckets.  This will be one of the things I will add into the animals lives this year.

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