Friday, September 28, 2012

It Has Been Busy Lately

trying to get the right picture for a sketch 

Amelia glad to see me

the stately pose from a silly girl

the wallpaper is gone

making progress on the fiber shed

It has been busy around here.  And off farm, I set up a nature weaving project at Boxerwood, started the after school fiber workshop at the middle school, submitted all the forms for next years tourism booklet, and continue to meet with my small business consultant.

Right now I am in the middle of my 4 days off on my new fall schedule.  I never know what day it is if I am not at school, Boxerwood, or a river.   Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are full of responsibilities and I squeeze in yoga and Tai Chi.  Thursday through Sunday are free. 

Monday, Karen came over and helped me remove wallpaper in the cabin.  It came off easily.  I was kind of sorry to see it go but it does seem lighter and fresher.  Ruckus was Thursday and everyone liked the new look even though it is not done.  

The fiber shed is clean again.  With all that has been going on it got cluttered, so I cleaned it for Ruckus Day.  Had to stop in the middle to identify a small snake that had moved into a mouse nest of fiber in a rolled rug John had given me.  The snake checked out O.K. but I still gave the rug back to John.

The County Extension office just got a premo microscope given to them so I have to go check it out.

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