Sunday, September 16, 2012

Special Attention

 I wonder if the sheep here know how fortunate they are.  They might think all sheep are offered kale and carrots for snacks.                                
            It is hard to tell how much Norma Jean likes the kale because this is the moment before I had to hold on tight because she was devouring it.

Norma Jean and Gretta think kale is superb.  Zorra can eat a whole carrot if you let her.  Most love pumpkin seeds and ate a hole in the bag when I didn't get them out fast enough.  If I had 20 sheep I wouldn't probably give them the same kind of treats, but with just 9 it is not so bad.

Growing up with many siblings, we didn't eat exotically.  We rarely went out to dinner.  I used to have piano lessons on the other side of the city, for some reason, and I got to go out for dinner after sometimes. That was a real treat for me.

I still like to go out for dinner now.  Partly, it is that I don't have to plan what we are going to have and then stop what I am doing to prepare it, but I finely realized (in the shower the other morning) that, both now and then, it is probably more about the attention.  Someone sitting across the table listening to me, is one of my favorite things.  A cup of tea with a friend is as good as lunch out.  Tea is good because it takes awhile to cool.  Meals here, are more about the making.  It only takes a few minutes to eat and then we are off to do whatever it is we are doing.

So- it is attention that I crave?  Interesting.  Why did it take me so long to realize that.  Did I not get enough growing up?  I thought I did, then.

I hope I gave my girls enough attention,  I hope I give my husband and the sheep enough attention now.  I will think about that this week.

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