Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More Chicken Craziness

Another BEAUTIFUL autumn like day.  The kind of day that one skips to do farm chores.  The humidity is gone and there is such a light feeling to the body.

Yesterday was just as nice so I took the hose and sprayed the chicken coop out really good and the nesting boxes as well and drilled holes to drain the water out of the nesting boxes.  I left the big door open to help dry everything out.  Today, the coop was very dry so I put fresh straw in it to ready it for the return of the chickens which I thought would be in the next week or so.

Tonight, I went down to let Brown 2 in because I knew she had been out earlier.  To my surprise, instead of finding her just outside the gate, I found her on top of the gate.  For the first time, she flew up but she didn't fly down so I gave her a little nudge to complete the experience of flying over the fence.  It was dusk so she was a little foggy about where she was going and she walked up the chicken ladder of the coop and went in (another surprise).  I went to check on the other chickens to see if anyone wanted to join Brown 2 in the coop.  I found Black 1 on the half wall in the barn where three have  regularly been roosting, I found Brown 1 on top of the closet, and I didn't find the araucona at all.   I took Black 1 and put her in the coop so at least 2 are sleeping together.   Crazy chickens.  At least they are laying again, except for the araucona (or at least no green eggs with the others).  I hope she shows up tomorrow.  I saw her around 6:00 P.M. and she was fine then.  Sometimes they roost at different times so I won't worry yet.  I wonder if all chickens are so scattered or if it is just the chickens at Cabin Spring Farm.

Most of the sheep let the chickens ride on their backs but Norma Jean didn't want Brown 2 on her back today.  I wonder if it was just today or if she doesn't like it.  Norma Jean has recently decided that she likes to get scratched around the ears and under her chin.  Now most of them like it but not Gretta or Annie.  Time to do clicker training again.  I want to halter train all of them so it makes sheep chores easier.

Took more sheep photos today but then when I thought I was getting some good ones the batteries failed.  Maybe tomorrow will be another fine day and I can get caught up with outside loose ends.

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