Saturday, September 8, 2012

Loose Ends

Vacation is over and time to get to the list of loose ends from the summer.  Unfortunately, I can't find the list.  I remember several things on the list but some of them involve calling people I have lost the phone number for.  I found one number on my desk so maybe there is hope.

Most or many of the items on the list are farm related - I wish the humidity would subside.  Looks like rain today so that should help.  I should be mowing right now instead of writing.  Wish I didn't put things off so much then I wouldn't lose scraps of paper with phone numbers.

Part of the issue is that I have always had a difficult time at seasonal transition times; especially spring to summer and summer to fall.  Not really summer to fall, more like August to September.  I think it is a remnant of having kids in school for so many years.  It seems to take several weeks to settle into the September schedule.  I find myself getting out of bed to make sure dates are on the calendar.  So many new things in a schedule I am afraid I will forget.

Three of the things on the list involve taking pictures.  Pictures of the cabin because we are opening it up to farm stays soon and need to have good pictures for marketing.  Pictures of the sheep for t-shirts; again to promote the farm.  Pictures of favorite places to frame and put in the cabin.  I took photos of the cabin yesterday that came out great but the photo shoot with the sheep didn't go as well.  I think I need to have someone else take the photos as I interact with the sheep.  As soon as I pick the camera up they walk away or put their heads down.  I guess I just need to keep taking pictures and a few good ones may happen by accident.

Making headway on the new website.  Stay tuned.

Time to go mow and then I am going to felt a postcard.

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