Thursday, October 11, 2012


A week into October, just got back from another few days away.  All seems good on the farm.  The sheep are out grazing more of the day.  Unfortunately, they found something that let loose a bunch of seed all over their faces.  Oh well what can I do, they don't seem to mind?

I should start halter training but keep putting it off.  One day it will be just the right day and I will begin.  I need to trim hooves too and can't put that off too long.  Most of the sheep are getting more trusting (most of the time) so jobs are easier.  But, they still seem to know when I am just giving out treats and scratches or when I have something else in mind.

I have been more in the fiber faze and trying to finish scraping the ceiling of the cabin faze lately.  I will be very happy when the ceiling is done.  It shouldn't take long to paint everything and then we plan to begin the farm stays part of the farm operation.

John went to the lumber mill today, to get the rest of what he needs for the fiber shed, among other things.  It will be nice to have more windows letting sun in the fiber shed, as the days get cooler.

What LOVELY weather we have been having.  The perfect weather to follow the hot summer we had and it started before it was officially fall.

I am really enjoying the balance in my schedule these days.  Just a little more time with the sheep and a few more hikes and I will be completely content.

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