Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Giant Steps Forward

John's mom was here a few days last week and she helped me with a prototype I have been working on.  Footwear for little ones.  Now, I have two little moccasin type shoes; one brown and the other white.  Still no pair, but alas, my brother and sister-in-law are coming in a few days and maybe Cathy will help me continue where Gramma and I left off.  I have three different ideas and need to develop them a little further to see which design is the best to go with.

Saturday is the Farm Day at a local farm where they are shearing sheep and showing off old tractors and farm machinery.  Suppose to be a tailgate sale of small animals too so maybe I can find a few more chickens.  I told Keith I would do a demonstration of some kind so I am thinking I might take a couple of spinning wheels with me.  Should be fun and a good thing to do with guests from out of town.

The farm website is coming together again and I am hoping that it will be operational before November 1st which is the Harvest Jubilee; a celebration of the first phase of "Fields of Gold" ( the agritourism project of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia).  That is a run on sentence, whew.  Anyway, lots coming together and very exciting to be sure.

A week and a half until the Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival (SAFF).  I haven't been for a couple of years and I am excited about going this year.  Taking a workshop entitled Homespun meets Nuno felting.  Should be a good one.

A couple of giant steps forward lately, and another is that I successfully trimmed 6 or 7 hooves on my own yesterday.  I have to go back and check Amelia's because she wanted to quit before I did and I am not sure how the last ones ended up.  I do know that  since we put in the water trough with the gravel around it, the sheep don't need their hooves trimmed as often. Yay.

Must go out with the camera tomorrow and document whats going on in the barnyard and it is time to rotate to the next pasture.  Always an exciting day for the sheep.  I will try to catch a few smiles.

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  1. When you said you might do a demonstration, at first I thought you meant demonstrating against something having to do with the sale of small animals.