Thursday, March 29, 2012

"What Day Is It"

It stays light way too late here on the farm and tonight I didn't even stop at dark. Another busy day and warm in the afternoon so I worked outside morning and evening and did other farm related things in the middle of the day.

Tomorrow, I am going to a workshop sponsored by the Fields of Gold agri-tourism group, on liability issues on the farm. Unfortunately, liability insurance is a necessary thing in this country. I won't go into all that here- I'll just say, I am going.

I got a new lead on a shearer from VA Tech. Today, I kept trying to psyche myself into thinking it might not be too bad if I end up shearing just incase it comes down to that.

Picked up 4 bales of straw from my favorite place and caught up with Sheri on what she is creating with wool these days. Also, found out I could get some more fleece washing bags from them for less than $1 a piece (somethings are still a bargain). I read a new article on washing fleece that is the best article I have found thus far. Learned a couple of things I have been doing wrong. Now, I hope to have consistently good fleece to spin.

John made me a wooden lid for my big wash tub- really cool. I am so luck to have this guy in my life. I asked him if he had a 32" square piece of plywood I could have to put on top of my tub. He asked me if I wanted it round like the tub and I said, "sure" and threw in "with a handle on top".

Jen sent me an email with a picture of some felt birdhouses a couple of days ago so I decided to make one this afternoon. I think it is a good idea because wool is very insulating. I am going to hang this first one out by the barn. Sorry no pictures today- just didn't think about it. I will post pictures of this weeks accomplishments, tomorrow.

The sheep have been good about the electric fence. When the sheep and Beau are in the lower pasture, I have to run a wire across the driveway to connect to the electric. It is higher than the sheep but not Beau. Beau was quick to learn how to duck under it though. He is smart and polite llama. Must be nice to not have so many things on your mind that you focus on the fence. Last night I was putting hay in the hay feeders and touched the top wire. Fortunately, I filled the side where the electric is off first, so I didn't get zapped. And I remembered long enough to be careful on the second hay feeder.

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