Thursday, March 15, 2012

New People, Places, and Things

One Branch at a time, I am clearing the new extension of pasture behind the garage/barn. It's actually going pretty well.

Last sumer, I looked at the area and thought "would be nice but a lot of work", a few weeks ago I looked at it and thought " if I am going to do it, I better do it soon". A few days ago I thought, "might not be so bad". Then I started and it is going amazingly well- the clearing- we'll see about the fence.

A few hours later......

We are done. The fence actually went up rather quickly, after I finished the clearing. John helped and that made a huge difference. And NO rocks and many soft places.

We let the animals into the area and at first they didn't notice the fence was moved.

Then, Sarah noticed some longer grass on the line between the old and the new and then went a little further. Gretta noticed the rose bushes; she's one of the more enthusiastic browsers in the flock.
Some were a little nervous at first but then most went to explore.

Some went back to the other side and got hay out of the hay feeders instead. Some creatures are always happier with what is familiar. It is funny to watch sheep check things out closely. They are always scrutinizing what I am carrying . They don't like new tools they haven't seen before. I always forget I am carrying something new and they all look at me and run and I can't figure out why they are afraid all of a sudden and then I remember I am carry something that they don't recognize. The other day, though, I was down in the lower pasture with them, knitting with circular needles with a ball of yarn down the front of my jacket and many of them came up one by one to see what I was doing. They were fine with the knitting. All the animals are leery with new people around but they get used to people quickly.

It is amazing that this big project can now be checked off the list- yay! And earlier in the week Kathleen helped me do the new bed by the door for lettuce, greens, and peas. Yesterday, we dug up two trees that needed to find a new home. L. from the native plant society, was very glad to send them off.

Still some big projects to go, but the list is getting shorter.

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