Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mental Ramblings

With this full moon, I have not only been awake at night with my mind spinning and coming up with all kinds of new ideas, but also I have been having wild dreams. I am So sleepy.

Bill and Kathleen are here and some projects are getting done. Tomorrow, we are setting up the electric fence between the barnyard and the pasture and maybe designating the hedgerow area. That will be a big accomplishment.

I keep looking for Jumpin Jack, I miss him. I guess it was worms that were the issue; the day after, Mary was very sick. I have been giving her all kinds of treatments- more details later. She seems to be doing much better, but has a ways to go. She is stronger than she has been in a while. Very interesting. Too tired to write, but important to make notes. I have learned a lot in the last week. More later.

The weather has been spectacular; things are beginning to dry out. Still very soggy in some areas but I have ideas to correct the problem in the future. I have been cleaning up the barnyard and the new green grass is so wonderful to see. The sheep have been migrating from place to place and loving it. They have also been doing a lot of running and jumping. Sure seems like Spring but it is much too early.

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