Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Well, John didn't kiss them, but he did talk to the sheep and we finished the rest of the hooves today. Good thing to do on Valentines Day. You know someone loves you when they hold seven sheep for you, even when their feet are cold ( John's not the sheep). It feels so good to be done for awhile.

This afternoon, I went over to my friend Naomi's farm. She has around 520 hooves at her farm not counting the dogs. She has a lot of rock on her property though, so she doesn't have to worry about hooves so much. Her next major job, which has just begun, will be moving 300+ sheep around from place to place. Fortunately, most of the lambs will be gone before they need too much done on them (accept for baby shots).

I know Karen is anxiously awaiting her kids but, as cute as they are, I am glad we have no lambs due this spring. I have fencing to do and pasture that needs to be restored before we have any more hooves to trim and mouths to feed, here. Plus I still have to find homes for 3 mouths and 12 hooves. Maybe next year, when Cabin Spring Farm sheep get famous and everyone wants their lambs.

Lyndy is in India-- I must remember to ask her if she has seen any sheep there. She called to say Happy Valentines Day but I was probably asleep when she left the message (10 hour time difference). She was going to see the Taj Mahal on Valentines Day. What can I say- We lead different lives.

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