Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spring Either Way or Happy Groundhog Day

I didn't see any of our resident groundhogs today. Haven't seen them in a long while. I guess it doesn't matter though; if this is Winter it doesn't matter when Spring comes.

Definitely felt like Spring today. I was talking to a friend this morning and we were talking about how now that we aren't 30 anymore timing is different. That is how she put it. It is like you never know when you are going to have surges of energy and when something is going to take months to complete. Major surge today with lots of spring cleaning. I had the refrigerator cleaned before 11 A.M. and a couple of loads of laundry done. I cleared off and dusted my night table, took the sheets off our bed, and headed out for my project for the day (cleaning out the shed and finding new places for things). It was the perfect day for dragging everything out. Looked like it was going to rain a couple of times but then the wind would come up and it would blow over.

Later, I went to a staff meeting at the middle school, for the after school program I am involved with, and then off to knitting workshop. When I came home, I gave the animals more hay, let a chicken in the gate that got stuck outside the fence, put away a few things in the garage/barn, came up to the house and put the sheets in the dryer, made dinner, vacuumed behind the bed, and put the clean sheets on. And now I sit down to blog.

I have SO many projects but since I am not 30, and I can't expect to have too many days like today in a row, I am going to hire some help. Time to invest, Dad.

Many years ago, I was out to lunch with Dad and he was talking about leaving me some money when he died and I think he was kind of wondering what I would do with it. I told him I didn't need any money. I wish I had told him that I was going to use the money to hire someone to help me put up some fencing for sheep when I had a farm a decade + later. Dad was all about investing. I knew, a couple of years after Mom and Dad died, that I would invest some of the money, though not the way Dad did, and use some to travel (to honor who Mom was). Of course, if I wasn't married to a very successful and wonderful guy, the money would be long gone on living expenses. But since I am married to John, I am going to invest in our farm and my fiber business.

It is a good time to hire local help to stimulate the economy. And when I get some of the projects, that roll around in my head at 3 A.M., done- I can sleep better and maybe even take a vacation. Thanks Mom and Dad and John.

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  1. Wow, weren't you the busy beaver the other day. Is the shed all cleaned out now and ready to go?