Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Some people would say this spider was scary, I would say industrious. Now we know where the sewing machine manufacturers got the idea for the zig zag stitch.

Check out the alien on the spider's back. Some people would say the idea of aliens is scary. Some people think the idea of plant intelligence or animal intelligence is scary. Why?

For some people the idea of death is scary. It was for me when I was younger. We were talking about death in my journey group the beginning of this week. A message that came to me at some point that day was, "She had the opportunity- why shouldn't she go" ( in regard to Hildegard I think).

For sheep and llamas many things are scary. I forgot that I had my blue hat on when I went up to offer Beau and the sheep an ear of immature corn. Except for Charlotte, none would come close. Hats and sunglasses are apparently scary to some animals. I was reading in my new book that if llamas are afraid to be touched by human hand you can start with a feather. I have a really nice turkey feather and I tried it with Beau yesterday but that scared him.

Glad I found this book-- I think it will help reduce some of the scary feelings around here.

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