Monday, August 8, 2011

Transformers and Transforming

Transformers have always intrigued me; from the Happy Meal TM toys of long ago to my VW weekender. Today, I transformed my fiber studio back in to a guest cabin.

Last Saturday was the second Ruckus Day at the farm and we played with wool in many forms. We carded some fleece and spun a little, we made some felt coasters, we wacked some fleece into some felt balls and talked about many other aspects of the wool scene. We generally spread fiber all over the cabin porch and deck. We had tremendous fun ..... and yesterday I began transforming the studio/classroom back in to living space for our upcoming visitors from across the water.

I love the space and how easily it transforms. It gets easier as I find new places for things.
This morning, when I let Beau and the sheep go down to the lower pasture, I cleaned the cabin/studio up a little more and decided to take a shower in the cabin shower as a way of getting the spiders (tiny ones) out for our guests. As I was stepping into the shower, I remembered the hot water was not yet turned on. I use so little hot water down there, generally, that when I do need it I heat it on the stove. Oh well, couldn't let that stop me. The cold water shower actually wasn't too bad and the spiders are gone.

Today I transformed some DIRTY mohair that I was given, into some clean white ( I wondered what color it was). I still have several fleeces to wash-- it seems a never ending process.

Now, as this week moves along, and the fiber studio is transformed, I am getting very excited about the arrival of our friends.

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