Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Hail Storm

There is a large hole where Hildegard used to be. We all miss her and everyone is edgy because she disappeared and now we have been sneaking up on Jumpin Jack to give him medicine. And on top of it all we had a very bizarre hail storm today.

It was beautiful but the animals took shelter. I brought 3 new chickens home today and left them in a cage in the shade waiting for nightfall to introduce them. When it looked like a storm was coming I had to put the cage in the garage/barn. Poor chickens-- a new home, a cage, and then hail on a metal roof.

After the chickens went to bed I put the new ones in the coop. The previously residing hens didn't seem to notice and the new hens settled in rather quickly. Here are pictures of today's storm.

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