Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 3rd

Two things I associate with July 3rd-- my mother's birthday and Jen's states shorts neither is a clue for a password. I remember for certain it was my mother's birthday- the states shorts I am a little foggy on.

I was talking to a friend a couple of days ago who said she still looks for our truck at the 4th of July parade even though she knows we moved three years ago. In Chatham the 4th of July is BIG and stretches into at least a 3 day celebration with fireworks staggered for different towns and boating and cookouts the big parade and the first band concert of the summer. One of the reasons it is so big is that it also announces the beginning of summer FINALLY.

Lyndy and I were just talking about the 4th last week and saying we didn't need all of that this year. Those Chatham 4ths were memorable but they all run together. Other memorable 4ths that come to mind-- being alone in Boulder Colorado hiking around flagstaff, I think, very mindful of how QUIET that day was and how odd that seemed and being at Monticello witnessing immigrants gain their naturalization.

And now it is the 4th and Lyndy and I went tubing in the creek and we 3 are spending a quiet 4th. Happy Independence Day. Lyndy commented this morning on how the chickens get their freedom and can come and go as they wish but the sheep and Beau don't. I guess their are just differing degrees of freedom here on the farm.

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  1. How funny...I was thinking of you on July 3rd and wearing my states shorts. They are so old now that they are only good for cleaning or gardening...but I still love 'em.

    Loved the Chatham 4ths--it is time to move on, though. Do NOT miss the traffic!

    Love to you all.