Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is It The Same for Everyone, I Wonder?

It is another foggy morning-- a gift. The temperature this summer is O.K. here but the sun is intense. Unlike my previous place of residence where there was 90% shade and afternoon fog, here there is 90% full sun. It is very difficult to get all the outside things done. And it goes long days without raining sometimes.

BUT if I reclaim a garden and plant seed and water a couple of days then the rains come and take care of the watering while I attend to other things. When I am wondering how I am going to tackle a difficult task that I really want to accomplish, along comes two foggy mornings.

If I commit to something, the way is made easier, if something is important to me, I am given an opportunity. It seems the only thing required of me is action-- I don't even have to believe it can happen- to begin with. Give me days of afternoon or evening of showers or morning fog and I begin to believe.

The unbelievable part is that most of the tasks I have conquered have been solo operations except for the HUGE reclaiming of the vegetable garden which was tackled by the family of some fiber campers. That was a profound gift. At the beginning of the summer, I was not sure how I was going to keep up with the farm work without Adam (see last summer's blogs). As summer began, I just took care of high priority projects, and then, time seemed to slow on some days and a little extra was accomplished. Suspended time= another gift.

I often feel like I am in a sub climate set up just for me; rains timed for my schedule, a little extra time no one else notices, unworkable weather when I need a rest. After all, even others near by, don't have the same needs.

This spring when I went to the pruning workshop, I remember the old guy presenting saying-- when he looks at a fruit tree he not only sees where he is going to prune that day but also knows what he will prune the subsequent 5 years. That has become my philosophy for farm work. I see what I will do today, next week, next fall, and the next 5 years. The exciting thing is I can see the rose bush on the fence by the shed and almost smell it even though it will not be planted for awhile. It is not something that has not been done it is something to look forward to.

The lifelong pruner went on to say-- sometimes the deer decide to prune for you but that's O.K. you just have to alter your plans a bit.

This blog is here to remind me, when I get discouraged, that all is fine; there will be morning fog, afternoon showers, cool dry days, and sometimes you just have to alter your plans a bit.

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  1. Wonderful post! Thank you! It's the same for me. When I have a lot of transplanting to do, I get misty rainy days. When I really need a rest, I get it. Most of my farm work is done solo too while Hubby works and sometimes the list of big jobs to accomplish this year seems daunting, but slowly, very slowly it comes together.

    Sometimes I have to alter my plans a bit and change the priority list. It all a gift from the Lord.