Monday, February 7, 2011

Yesterday Felt Like Mother's Day

I have been SICK since the last time I blogged. WIPED OUT! Yesterday, Lyndy came over to help me out.

She cleaned the chicken coop, raked out the barn, found some old eggs on top of the closet, took down the winter wreath, raked some of the barnyard, and helped refill the water barrel. AND she didn't just do it "good enough for now". She did everything like she was trying to get hired as a farm hand. Beau showed his appreciation by rolling in the new bedding in the barn but I am sure the others were appreciative as well.

We sat out in the sun and talked while the animals grazed nearby. I have barely been down to the barn the last few days and the animals haven't been able to come out because I haven't had the energy. One day they were so desperate they snuck out when John was taking in some hay but he got them back pretty quickly.

The best gift was her just being there and entertaining me and lifting my spirits. And she cleaned up the sour cream after it exploded on me, my vest on the chair and the floor. Thank you Lyndy -- you made me and the animals so much happier.

Today, Kevin Ford (the world renown blade shearer) is coming to shear sheep just over the hill. I have been waiting for this day to go watch and gain some tips. I have his book and I have seen him shear many times but this time I thought I could get to a next level. I have enough energy to get there but I don't know for how long. At least it looks like it is going to be another nice day-- not too cold.


  1. I hope tomorrow you're feeling back to yourself and today's shearing renewed your farming spirit. It seems like forever since I saw you.

  2. Sorry you haven't felt well.What a wonderful gift from Lyndy. (although I'm not surprised) Hope you're feeling better today and look forward to hearing about the shearing!xo