Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dancing With Sheep

Today I spent most of the day down with the animals YAY!! I was cleaning up an evaporator for our next go at maple sugarin.

I took the radio down to the garage/barn and we all listened to some good music. They all looked at me pretty strangely when I started dancing. Later, I let them go over to the cabin while I kept at grinding.

33 years in New England and I never made maple syrup. Now I am making maple syrup in Virginia--weird. Our syrup the other day came out really good but it just took way too long SO today I leased a homemade evaporator for a share of syrup. The guy we got it from made syrup a few times and then sorghum a few times but hasn't made either in a while so was glad to share his evaporator. There are some pretty funcky rigs in the county I think. Anyway, I got it cleaned up so tomorrow we will set it up and hopefully make some more great syrup.

That means another day away from the critters so I am glad we could spend some quality time together today. I took time out to clean the barn and coop and rake a little more of the barnyard. I couldn't believe how warm it got (68 degrees). It is still 58 at 8:45.

I am glad it is warm since I am planning on shearing the sheep in 2 weeks. They actually seemed like they were warm today. We were going to trim hooves tomorrow but with all the sap we have stored we need to do the sugarin tomorrow. We will do hooves the first of next week. I wish I could trim hooves and shear at the same time so I wouldn't have to bother the sheep twice but I don't want to wait two more weeks to do hooves and that would mean they would have to hold still even longer. My new expression I use alot is "you just do what you can do". As long as they know I love them and how could they not know after I danced for them.

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  1. your dance is called the "barnyard boogy"? yum... save some syrup for my oatmeal.....