Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting Things Done

It is so great to be accomplishing things again! Today I finished cleaning up the barnyard and Thor's old pad. Took a couple wagon loads and a couple wheelbarrow loads to two piles; one for the garden later and the other a brush pile. It might finally rain tomorrow so I wanted to get it out before it got soggy.

After all the cleanup, I planted two new fruit trees. Hope it does rain-- I am ready.

It was nice hanging out with the animals again today. They seemed to enjoy the day too and didn't complain about the little tractor. I put the sheep where I wasn't working but the chickens wanted to be right where I was so they were dodging the tractor the whole time. I noticed one of the chickens lost alot of feathers on the back of her head and neck. Looked like something tried to grab her but she got away. I asked all the animals what happened but no one wanted to talk about it.

Hopefully, hooves will get trimmed tomorrow and then if it does rain I can shift my projects to working with the fleece inside. I haven't worked much with fleece lately because I got behind with outside projects when I got sick. One thing I did make, however, was a couple of felt filters for straining all the extraneous stuff out of our maple syrup. One of them came out looking pretty good and they both worked.

Yes, we made more maple syrup. We found an evaporator to borrow so the second time went great. Check out the whole process on Karen's blog [Holes in My Jeans (over on the right)].

John went to Ohio for a couple of days to see his mom and dad. Sometimes when he is away I leave stuff out and about and work on different things and put it all away just before he gets back. I am on a roll -- we'll see.

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