Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have a sheep mentor -- like most people I guess. Actually, I have two but the one I have mentioned a few times who lives nearby, thinks differently on some aspects. So today, I talked to my mentor who thinks like me but lives 3 hours away.

We probably talked for close to an hour and now my confidence is lifted for the lambing season. There are so many different view points out there from books, sheep farmers, articles, symposiums, you name it, and then one's head starts spinning. I think the best approach for getting new information I can use, is to find someone who thinks like I do about other things, and then approach the new topics. This mentor I found through the place where I buy sheep feed and minerals.

First there is the nutritional information (amounts and timing), then the list of what to have on hand when the girls are ready, what to do and what Not to do, and of course the "what ifs". It is alot to take in because the idea is to be ready for anything but the reality is "sheep have been lambing for thousands of years and they know what to do". One of the things stressed by my mentor today was to stand back and give the ewes and lambs the space and time they need.

We also talked bout shearing today. I learned a new approach that I think might work better for Mira. Mira is my tough baby as I am sure I have mentioned before. The picture that formed in my mind when my friend was explaining makes me smile. You tie the sheep to a fence and just start at the back and roll the fleece forward like a rug. We'll see. Anyway, I love my new bigger feeling of confidence thanks to my sheep mentor and her generous gift of her time.

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