Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Closing In

I really miss hanging out with the sheep and Beau. I almost feel like I have been away. First, I was sick with the flu, then the weather wasn't that great for someone recovering from the flu, and then I just felt very tired. Sunday, the wind was really blowing (gusts must have been close to 50 miles an hour) and then today I spent 8 hours over at Karen's feeding a fire to make maple syrup.
Tomorrow hopefully will be a nice day so I can continue the barnyard cleanup I started a few days ago. I have been reading books and articles about getting ready for lambing and it makes you want to start cleaning. Kind of like when you are ready to deliver your own babes.

First get everything clean, then collect anything and everything I might need when the girls are ready to deliver. I feel like the first 4 months went by so quickly and I am afraid the last four weeks will fly by though Karen says the last weeks drag on.

I can't imagine what it would have been like if the girls were delivering while I had the flu. Hopefully, I will be immune for the rest of this season. Anyway most everything I read says stay out of the way but be prepared to step in if need be. I am starting to get excited.

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