Friday, April 8, 2016

Group Dynamics

Five more of Karen's chickens came over; this time for an extended vacation.  They are staying until the end of June (after the wedding).  So basically,  it was a reunion for her chickens that just came and the ones that came last week.  In between, a few went to another home.

The first day seemed fine with all the chickens in the run.  Thursday morning was a little chaotic as all the animals figured out how to stay out of each other's way.  The sweet little rooster was not happy to be back in the company of the big rooster and I think is counting the days until that rooster's vacation is over.  The big rooster chases him.  Then in the afternoon, one of the hens wanted some grass Sal was eating and went after her.

This morning was one of those delightful mornings when everything is so quiet and if you don't make eye contact, no-one even gets up from there lounging spots.  This afternoon I let all out again and there were animals everywhere.  Some of the chickens following me to the mailbox across the road.  I turned around and there they were in the road.  I have never had chickens that followed me like these do.  Then the big rooster was harassing the sweet one again.

Group dynamics is always interesting.  I have several kids who keep coming back for fiber camps and depending on who is here when, each camp can be very different.  They all know each other but if one of the dominant ones is not at camp, the camp can take on a completely different personality.

Sometimes it takes a couple of days for everyone to find where they fit in.  I hope, in the animals' case that this happens really soon because Sal's eggs are due to hatch in a few days, if all goes well, and then things could really get exciting.

A week from tomorrow, the sheep are suppose to get sheared.  After shearing it takes a couple of days for the sheep to figure out who's who and there tends to be some head butting until all are identified.

If I can just make a lot of space available for all to spread out, hopefully the new dynamics can be minimized until the new group is defined.

Stay tuned.

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