Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Update 2016

There are 3 new hens and a new rooster who have come to live at Cabin Spring Farm.  Little Momma is very happy, since Sal took over nest sitting.  All the chickens are delightful and friendly and follow me around when I am about.  Cirrus has settled down and I don't have to wear my armor anymore.  And now we are going away again, but just for 3 days.

Today, Beverly and I represented Cabin Spring Farm "Fiber Camp" at a local camp fair.  The idea is, parents preview the summer camps available for their children.  Looks like there is much interest again this year.

I ordered and received this year's seed (mostly for a pollinator garden) and constructed 2 hugels.  Once again I feel like I am almost on schedule for this time of year but……

I got my hair cut (fairly drastically) and my hairdresser (what a funny word) asked me if the sheep have gotten their hair cut yet this year.  I told her the date was coming soon.  This reminds me that the second year the sheep were sheared it was by a friend who used to cut people's hair.  She has sheep and shears them with scissors and did the same here.  That was great.  Now we have a big event, which reminds me I need to get some more notices out.

So much for being on schedule.

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  1. I hope the chickens had a happy reunion. Thanks for helping out, Susan.