Friday, March 18, 2016

It's Complicated

On our last night of vacation we were sitting in a pub and on one of the televisions there was a Big Truck competition.  I have always thought they were very strange looking.  Here is the farm version.  A typical chicken nest is about an 1/8 this size if that.

Just before we left, Sal started laying eggs.  Geese usually construct a nest, lay 6 or 7 eggs and then start sitting on them.  They don't necessarily lay an egg every day so I figured she might be sitting just before we returned.  I alerted our farm sitter of the situation.  When we returned this is what we found.  

A couple of days before we left another hen disappeared.  I suspect a hawk got her; they are the daytime predator that leave no trace.  I had been planning on getting a few chickens from Karen, but wanted to wait until we returned from our trip to make sure everyone settled in together.  I hated to leave the last hen alone but decided to stay with the original plan.  

This hen has always been a good sitter and a good mother so maybe she found the goose eggs in the nest and thought this would be something to occupy her time alone.  Sal doesn't seem to mind but she does take a turn sitting sometimes.  Maybe she is still adding an egg once in awhile.

  This evening when I went to feed the sheep, Sal was on the nest and Little Momma was waiting in the barn and peeking under the wall of the closet, to see if Sal was coming out.  It was getting dark so I waited to see if the hen would go to the coop if Sal didn't come out soon.  Sal came out and squawked  at the hen sending her to the coop, but she came out again and ran back up to the closet.  I waited to see if Sal would go bother Little Momma but it seems like whoever is sitting has possession.  Sometimes one has to just let things take their course.

I want to get more chickens in the next couple of days.  It will be interesting to see if Little Momma is interested in new chickens or decides to stay on the Big Nest.  

Unfortunately,  the automatic chicken door is not working again, so I want to figure out what the problem is before more chickens arrive.


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