Saturday, April 9, 2016

Eggs Smashed in the Night

I went down to the barnyard in a snow squall this morning.  All 3 geese were out and about and I wondered why no-one was keeping the geese eggs warm.  When I looked in the closet, I found the eggs were smashed into pieces .  The whole nest was destroyed.  I guess some predator/s came in the night.  It was very windy last night and I didn't hear anything.  I think we lost a chicken too. It is always sad to lose animals but at least I was spared finding dead or missing goslings which could have been the case if it was next week.

I am glad the geese are alright.  Sal seems to be taking the loss O.K.   I guess, in the even more fragile animal kingdom, there isn't an expectation that everything will go smoothly.

Some people say they could never live on a farm with all the loss of life.  I feel death is a part of life and maybe farmers just have a closer look at death.  I bet if you surveyed 100 farmers and 100 others you would find that farmers don't fear death as much as most people.

I am ready for the wind to subside and the sun to come back out, no more snow squalls for today.

 Family due to arrive soon so that will make things cheerier.

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