Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This Is What

Without Jen or Cathy reminding me, time can go by that I thought I had blogged but hadn't. 

 Well, the sheep got sheared.  That's the biggest news from Cabin Spring Farm.  Great event!  Gorgeous day, over a hundred people came by between 2 and 6 last Saturday.  Annie is a beautiful black again, Gretta's spots show again.  Charlotte is dark gray and Amelia and Norma Jean, pink.  They have to be especially careful not to get sunburned.  I love to rub their backs after they are sheared.  My hands glide along and get very shiny from all the lanolin. 

The tiny house is starting to look like a home.  Two of the chickens went in to inspect it the other day.  

The group of chickens here now are real wanders.  They come up to the house, stir the compost by the old garden, peek in the fiber shed, and just keep moving about.  John found the rooster and one of the black hens walking down the road when he was going to town, I wonder what that was about.  He coaxed them back toward home.  How far they would have gone?  

I have never seen such a dry April here.  The ground is hard and it sounds wrong when the sheep run across it.  There are deep cracks everywhere and the water in the puddle pond keeps seeping out.   I will have to reseed the barnyard when the rain comes again.  The sheep pastures, which usually have a new supply of fresh Spring grass, are so over grazed.  I am so thankful to have the pasture below the driveway, this time of year.  I can let the animals graze there in the early morning and then they are content to hang out in the barn most of the day.  

The boring bees are here in full force.  They don't seem as annoying as I remember them to be.  It just seems like they are humming.   

I was clearing an area in the Fairy Forest of Boxerwood, today, with a few women and one of them was humming.  She says she is not aware that she is humming until someone questions the mysterious sound or her grand children mention it.  Her humming reminded me that I used to hum all the time when I was younger.  A young girl at church, recently, reminded me that I used to skip all over.  I tried it for the first time in many years.  

I have been hula hooping, with a large hoop, to try and firm up some stomach muscles.  Tonight, when John was grilling dinner, I was practicing in the front yard.  It was a beautiful evening and I was taking in the breath-taking view and light and my hoop got away and started rolling down the hill.  Fortunately, the fence by the bluebird house stopped it.  When I went to retrieve it, I decided I should clean out the birdhouse.  I thought I would find some fleece in the nest, because I leave it all over the place, but instead I found rabbit fur.  

Time to stop rambling but "this is what" has been going on at Cabin Spring Farm the last week or so.

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