Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Timing and Timelessness

Today, two more things got crossed off the list of farm projects thanks to John.  The hay storage area and the chicken coop have been winterized with that clear wavy panel stuff.  The fall rains have started and the nights are getting cool (mid to low 40's).  Now the chickens will be cozy.  We also got another present for the chickens.  I bought them an automatic door opener so they don't have to wait for me to come down and let them out in the morning.  It also closes at the right time in the evening.  It seems like, this time of year, if I go down to close the coop before dinner, the chickens aren't ready, and after dinner it is dark.  One of the hens is back to sleeping outside of the coop, but at least she has selected a better place than the tree.  So when I go down after dinner, I have to turn on the light in the barn, peek in the closet to see where exactly she is, turn off the light (so as not to rouse her), go back and open the closet door, pick her up, and take her back to the coop.  If I could just get there a couple of minutes earlier, she would still be drowsy and I wouldn't have to turn the light on and off.

This morning I helped John put the big green shutters ( he made for the little church down the road) on to replace the 50+ year old ones that were on it.  The old ones were in rough shape; maybe not the best timing.  I wonder how long the new ones will last.

When it comes to personal timing, I go between thinking, I am doing things at just the right time and feeling that I am dragging my feet.  Sometime, there are moments, however, that seem like time stands still and nothing needs to get done.  This morning, I was waiting at Cedar Hill Church for John to go back up to the house to recut a shutter, when just such a time arrived.  The temperature was perfect, the sun shone  warm on my back, and shadows of turkey vultures glided by on the tree tops.  I was definitely living in the moment.  Then a young woman walked by with a large German Shepherd puppy on a leash.  He/she wanted to come over and see me but the young woman just kept going and barely acknowledged my greeting.  She was tuned in to her headphones but her dog turned around at least a half dozen times before they got to the bend in the road. 

My inspection sticker on my van expired the last day of September.  I knew it was going to expire but then I forgot until Monday.  I didn't get noticed by law enforcement and I pushed my expiration date up an extra month for next year so does that mean I did it at just the right time or I was dragging my feet?

I wish I could have more timelessness in my life.  My short term memory has not been that great lately and I was thinking it might mean that I need to "live in the moment" more, because then I wouldn't have to remember the past moments.  

So what about that dog today and what about the animals at Cabin Spring Farm, do they live in the moment or do they have to worry about timing?

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