Sunday, October 18, 2015


This morning we woke up to 29 degrees.  The first hard frost of the season.  I even put on my gloves to go down to the barn.  Something felt funny in a couple of the glove fingers and when I investigated I found beach glass.  When was that?

There was frost all over the grass but the water in the buckets was open.  It seems a little early to go into winter mode and after tonight it is suppose to get warmer again, so I won't get the plug-in buckets out yet.

Lyndy came over to work on her house and besides being cold it was windy, so we had to bundle up, but we got some more clapboard up.  I am glad we are almost ready to move inside.  The sheep are loving this weather and have hardly been inside at all for several days.  Sure makes cleaning the barn easy.

The geese don't seem to mind the cold either but I put straw in the barn closet incase they want to get out of the weather.  So why doesn't everyone wear goose down or wool?

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