Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween.  Back from the "wild west".  We had an incredible time.  Everything is SO VAST and so diverse and SO beautiful!!   We saw a few sheep and then this one.

It was across from the visitor center at the Colorado National Monument.  First John tried to tell me it was mechanical and then he told me they paid it to stand there.  I saw two more the next day on another rock in another place.  The mule deer out west are heavier looking than our deer here.  We saw a beaver dam and an eagle nest and assorted small animals as well.  The rabbits are really fast.

When we returned, the animals all acted like they did the day I left, over a week previous.  I guess they didn't miss me and were not mad I left because Cathy takes such good care of them.   It is So nice to have a fine farm sitter.

I think it is really important to take vacations and see all the magnificent places there are.  I think there is something special about every place but sometimes you have to look a little harder or deeper.  This vacation I didn't have to do either, we were oohing and awing from the first moment on the train, almost.  We flew into Denver and took a train for 8 hours, along 230+ miles of the Colorado River, through canyons, and along forests and through falling snow.  We got off the train in Grand Junction Colorado and rented a car to explore some of the National Parks of Utah.

I had a few flashbacks to when I was between school and work or work and work and and had time to just wander.  Back then, if I had $200.00 saved up, I felt I could go anywhere I wanted.  Now, most people need a little more security and a little more traveling money, though you can still camp for free in some of the most beautiful places in the world.  

Back at home, it is fall with leaves turning and a nip in the air.  Many fall projects to do, but alas today is Halloween and it is cloudy and nice sitting by the wood stove writing the 6th blog of October (not bad for being gone over a week).

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