Friday, October 9, 2015

Fall on the Farm

YES the sheep still live here.  It seems like all the talk, lately, has been about the chickens and the geese.  I guess that is because the sheep have been behaving better than the birds recently.

It is funny how the geese hang out with the sheep and all get along so well and then they get back to the barnyard and still behavior is good most of the time until the geese decide to harass the sheep for no apparent reason.

A few days ago, Sal was limping and then holding up one of her legs a lot.  I thought, "Oh no, the golden goose again".  She probably got stepped on.

  I consulted with the nature spirits and Sal's spirit guides and ended up giving Sal a homeopathic remedy in her water.  The remedy is used for sprains and strains and dislocations.  The next day she was barely limping and today she seems fine.  I love when things work so well.  I love this picture with every one following me down the pasture and then posing.

Then there are the brown sheep and the grey geese and then a good shot of the white sheep and Charlotte, and of course Zorra gets to be in all the pictures because she is the farm ambassador.  

Another beautiful day and additional small projects completed.  Still lots to do but the weekend looks to be good to polish off a few more.

We may have a tiny house crew this weekend so keep tuned for an update.

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