Thursday, November 6, 2014

Where Does HARM Lurk?

 I had one of those draining days.  When I got home and needed to be refilled, I called a friend and then I went down to talk to the animals and hang out.

 There were turkey vultures gliding overhead, when I took the above picture.  I love to watch Cirrus and Sal turn an eye to the sky.  I asked them if they could tell a hawk from a turkey vulture at so great a distance.  They didn't answer vocally but maybe that was a yes.  Now that the geese are big, hawks are not a problem, theoretically.  When we have chickens again or when Cirrus and Sal have a family, I  imagine they will know what to do.   But how do they distinguish between friend and foe?  A few days ago, two neighborhood dogs ran across the property.  I yelled at them but the geese were silent.  Did the geese decide that since the dogs did not come up to the fence and look at them, that they were not a threat and it was best to remain silent?

The meetings that drained me today were filled with negativity and history, relationships and communications, or lack of.  It was all about "you can't do …….  or ……….. will happen.  Where does harm lurk?

I am on the board of a very special organization and the chair of PR and publicity.  I am still at the stage where I have hope and enthusiasm and I am looking for a place to make a positive change.  I NEED a starting point but I had to repeat that many times before I got the support I needed from my committee.

I am often accused of being a GIF (a good ideas fairy).  O.K., I get that many people do not like over zealous new bees, but please just offer a place from where change can begin.

So, there are days like today and there are days like yesterday.  In the morning, yesterday, I worked with kids (always refreshing), and then I came home and emptied the geese's puddle/pond.  I went down to the creek and collected some smooth stone to put on the bottom and then filled it again.  John said it was clear when he went down to let the geese out this morning but when they got in it , they muddied it up.  Nothing like it was though.  I just need to collect some additional stones.

When there was green in the water I found myself asking, "where does harm lurk?" I  moved the geese's overnight pen to new grass and gave the sheep their Garlic Barrier ™ .  Now I can go away for a few days to get even more renewed, feeling that harm does not lurk nearby.

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  1. When you have trying days it's nice to know you can find peace and comfort in the animals. Cirrus and Sals' pond is looking good.