Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Balmy Morning

Yesterday was amazing.  Almost all the ice has thawed.  Sal found a little to chomp on.

LOOK how polite the sheep are, letting the geese eat from the end of the hay feeder.

The misty morning woods were very inviting yesterday morning.

I keep thinking about my neighbor's barefoot path.  Chris and I walked it in late October and it was wonderful.  The barefoot path leads into the woods near the labyrinth at the Belfry.  Chris was going to leave her socks on but when I told her how amazing the path felt, she joined me in walking barefoot.  Parts are moss covered, some just clay, some carpeted with pine needles.  There are trees all along the way with laminated cards with scripture readings.  I think I must find an area, here on this property, to lay out a barefoot path.  

As I have said many times, I love to walk barefoot.  Unfortunately, there seems to be many times that going barefoot isn't practical.  That is why I have tried to make felt shoes.  I have 4 prototypes and I still  don't have what I am looking for.  When I was in Oklahoma, I bought some soft sole moccasins.  I love them.  It feels almost like walking barefoot. 

 The sheep and geese get to go barefoot all the time.  I wonder if they wish they had shoes sometimes.

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