Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween- Boo

Out in the county, we don't get many "trick-or-treat" ers.  Sometimes, like today, I am in town when the  Lexington area children parade down the streets picking up treats from all the stores.  Fun to see but unfortunately not many exciting costumes.

Every change of season is like Halloween to the sheep; scary.  Now that it has gotten cold in the mornings, I might where a sweatshirt with the hood up or an orange hat when I go out to the barn in the morning.  When winter arrives, maybe even gloves and a scarf, whoa that is scary.  Come spring it might be sunglasses, and summer a big hat.

Sheep seem to take things in mostly through sight.  The geese have a keen visual awareness but don't seem to mind change.  Some people would say sheep are dumb because the changes in clothing frighten them, but think about it, they don't change their clothing accept in April and that really frightens them.  It is like Halloween all over again.

Maybe it is good thing we don't get many witches and goblins.

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